View of the collective performance of the « Bodies in alliance »  festival, carte blanche to Marinella Senatore, 2022. Photo credit: Paul Fogiel

Collective performance

The 15/09/2022 from 19:30 to 21:30

As part of the “Bodies in alliance” festival by Marinella Senatore

Come and discover an unprecedented collective performance !

Marinella Senatore has gathered nearly 40 associations from the world of music, dance and sports to create an artistic occupation of the spaces of Palais de Tokyo, celebrating inclusion and social commitment, amidst the artist’s iconic luminarie, so reminiscent of the popular festivals of southern Italy.

At the heart of this agora, a real space for socialization and exchange, these various artistic and sports communities from Greater Paris will overlap and dialogue. “Bodies in alliance”, tirelessly proposing unprecedented points of contact and synergies, will take over the Palais de Tokyo, creating a vortex of participatory energy, a kind of assembly in motion, open to diversity and collective emancipation.

From Hijabeuses (women’s soccer in hijab) to wheelchair contact dance, from vernacular dances to parkour, from voguing to queer choirs, amateurs and professional artists will meet in unexpected ways to create a mix of artistic and cultural identities.