Hoola Hop

Born in 2001, Hoppera organizes the first gatherings and collective classes in Paris with the aim of promoting et developing the Hula-hoop in France. It was made official in May 2013 and became the first Parisian association entirely dedicated to HoopDance.

A pioneer in a field which develops in France, the association has experienced a lighting rise since its creation and continues to gather more and more followers around its activities. It is with passion that the instructors teach this discipline and transmit their knowledge and techniques to the public.

Hoopera offers quality teaching and proposes group and private lessons in 9 halls in Paris, but also initiations and thematic courses, in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The association also organizes events such as the Hoopera Fest, a year-end show for students, Flashoop Mob, an Xmas Hoop Jam for Christmas, Aper’hoop in the summer and free training throughout the year to keep the community alive.