Frédéric Léger

Double bass player

Frédéric Léger is a double bass player who started playing the instrument in 2002, after discovering jazz, which he fell in love with. He studied at the Jam and then at the conservatories of Montpellier and Marseille, directed respectively by Serge Lazarevitch and Philippe Renault. His presence on the current Montpellier scene has allowed him to play in several formations, with musicians who are always different, such as Eric Lelann, Gael Horellou, Alain Jean Marie, René Nan, Joël Allouche. He has performed in several jazz and world venues, such as the Sunset and the Baiser Salé in Paris, Jazz à Vienne, Fiesta’sète, JAM, and during tours in the Caribbean Islands, Africa, Croatia and Berlin.