African percussions

The African percussions have a certain place in everyone’s mind: great musicality, heady rhythms, joyful sharing. Djem’danss is an African percussion group, high in sound and color, located in Pantin, a city to which the members are all attached.

To the rhythm of experiences and adventures, the scent of doughnuts and allocos, the musicians share a weekly bubble of conviviality to play, test and innovate. Their differences are their strength and their laughter, their engine.

The association offers djembe initiations for adults and children inspired by tales to fall asleep dreaming of rhythmic elsewhere, colorful and spicy flavours, trips to the Ivory Coast, sharing traditional sounds and building friendships without borders. So be careful! if you come to meet them or if you make them come to you, ‘cause their happiness is contagious!