Vincennes Haidong Gumdo

Korean sword

The Haidong Gumdo is a martial art centred on sword practice, which has its roots in the techinques developed by the warriors of the Goguryeo kingdom. Its official modern form was synthesized by the Grand Master KIM Jeong Ho, President of the World Haidong Gundo Federation.

The Haidong Gumdo is built on very dynamic movements, and the power of each of the techniques often captures both the eye of the practitioner and the imagination of the latter. The simple definition of this art is already evocative: Haidong Gumdo literally means «the way of the sun’s ray that illuminates beyond the Eastern Sea». This patriotic art based on human values was very popular in Korea, and it experienced a real explosion, to the point that in order to guarantee the sustainability of his Martial Art, KIM Jeong Ho created the World Haidong Gumdo Federation. It is now represented in more than 50 countries and has more than 900 dojongs in Korea and 3 million practitioners worldwide.

The association Vincennes Haidong Gumdo actively advocates for a greater integration of women in this martial art, fighting against discrimination and gender-based violence.