Badauê Batucada


The Batucada, born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, has generated the whole Samba movement in the country since the beginning of the 20th century. The term comes from the “African batuque”, recalling the principle of beating the rhythm together.

Badauê, composed of 100 musicians in Paris, is the result of a sincere love for Brazil and its percussion, with a focus on cultural exchange. This ensemble was created in 2011 by Toby “Tamandua” Russell and it is now supported by the association bearing same name. A percussionist, but also a capoeirist, Toby has been promoting since the beginning of 2010 a sharing of influences between Brazil, Senegal, and France through not only batucada, but also dance. Finally, Badauê embodies three key elements that form a solid foundation to represent the Samba-Reggae: Rhythm, Dance, Show.