Crédit photo : Tara Atkinson Photography

Esprit Concrete

Parkour association

At Esprit Concrete we believe in unifying mind, body, and space. We creatively challenge and strengthen the relationship with ourselves, our communities and our environment – increasing acceptance and belonging.

Our innovative Esprit Concrete Method, combines Parkour, Freerunning and Art Du Déplacement with therapy. It aims to help people mentally and physically, through the emotional, psychological and physical interaction with themselves, their spaces, and objects surrounding them, to relationally aid them to lead a more authentically enriched life for themselves and their communities. In our sessions, participants will be introduced to mindfulness, fear management, problem solving and group interactions to help them build their self-confidence, community spirit and improve their autonomy as an individual.

Participants will be encouraged to interact positively with their surroundings and to help them overcome the barriers, physical, mental or emotional.