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Cheerleading team

Launched in 2017, the OUTcheers team is part of OUTsiders, the largest LGBTQI+ association in France, which is celebrating this year its 25th anniversary. A multi-sport and multi-activity association with nearly 420 members, OUTsiders is the 1st LGBTQI+ association offering this discipline, which became very popular after the Paris Gay Games organized in 2018.

This team, is composed of about 25 people – women and men together, straight and gay people, who evolve during tournaments, Pride Walks or other associative events in Paris and everywhere in France. All levels are welcome. The Cheers are there to blossom, have fun, share an activity and a passion in a warm atmosphere, full of beautiful energy and benevolence. Our cheerleading is a grat mix of dance, acrobatics, gymnastic elements, jumps and lifts.