Tango Unione

Argentinian tango

A social, languorous and seductive dance, the Tango was born in the popular barrios of Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century.
Mythical and passionate, the Tango allows this subtle, febrile connection, with a dialogue of improvisation. The steps are not fixed in advance to be repeated sequentially, but the two partners advance in unexpected directions. Born far from the salons, within the South American community resulting from the slavery, the Tango is from its origin the expression of a fierce desire of freedom. Today the Tango is the symbol of an immense living culture, a generous and authentic art, where everyone has the joy of being himself.

The Tango Unione company was born from the meeting of Irene Moraglio, dancer and former high level gymnast, and Patrice Meissirel, eclectic artist coming from street theater, dancer and choreographer. Initially inclined to put tango dance at the service of a poetic and absurd universe close to the tale, not hesitating to confront it with other disciplines: theater, circus and contemporary dance, the research evolves, aiming to flush out the engine and the essence of the desire to dance together, of the stake contained in the body of the other.