Dorian Gaudin

A book published on the occasion of Dorian Gaudin’s solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, 03.02 – 08.05 2017
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Dorian Gaudin focuses on the interplay of correspondences between the organic, psychical, and material worlds. Combining performance, sculpture and cinema, his oeuvre moves back and forth between automation and living systems. He mobilizes, dislocates, and mechanizes in an amalgamation of genres: absurdist theater, science fiction cinema, burlesque and Minimalism.
In his exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo machines and social rituals, visual illusion and physical presence set in motion a mechanism which is also that of the emotions. Revealing the capacity of objects to generate narrative and elicit our emotional and intellectual involvement, his works remind us of the way fetishization of objects and technology governs our relationship with the world.
Book Contents

– “Incomparable Theatre”: The Splendid Ambiguity of Dorian Gaudin’s Machines” an essay by Kate Sutton
– “The Mechanism of the Emotions”: interview between Dorian Gaudin and Julien Fronsacq

About the authors

– Kate Sutton is a writer currently based in Zagreb. In addition to writing articles and reviews for magazines including ArtforumBidounFriezeIbraaz, and LEAP, Sutton is a regular contributor to In 2013, she was recognized with an Art Writers Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation.
– Julien Fronsacq is a curator at the Palais de Tokyo. He curated Dorian Gaudin’s solo show.

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