Berlin Atonal x Cyprien Gaillard Present: A Great Fall- Sold out

The 21/10/2022 from 19:00 to 00:00

For the exhibition HUMPTY \ DUMPTY, Cyprien Gaillard and Berlin Atonal make a new collaboration. Together they have invited a lineup of special artists to use the medium of the dub soundsystem as a way of transforming the entire museum space into a new kind of echo chamber for one night. The heterogeneous line-up brings together legendary experimental drum and bass pioneer Krust and Kenyan soundscape experimentalist KMRU, Rhythmic sorcerer Nkisi and Mellowdramatics from the London-based Black Obsidian Sound System.

Through its collaborations, events, venues and special projects as well as its landmark annual festival, Berlin Atonal is the leading instigator of advanced music in Europe. They are longtime collaborators with Cyprien Gaillard, most recently in his notable installation in the turbine room of the Kraftwerk abandoned powerplant in Berlin as part of Atonal’s renowned Metabolic Rift exhibition.

Organiser : Berlin Atonal

Curators : Cyprien Gaillard, Laurens von Oswald, Harry Glass and Nicky Böhm

DJs : DJ Krust, KMRU, Mellowdramatics, Nkisi

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