Krust is firmly established as a pioneer of experimental drum and bass music, boasting an extensive discography of some of the most iconic music in the drum and bass world.

In 2020, after a lengthy hiatus from front-line music production, delivered his new album project ‘The Edge Of Everything’ to widespread critical acclaim it was described as a “stunning comeback” by Resident Advisor, “confounding expectations and breaking boundaries” by Pitchfork and “a future focussed, synth heavy, sci-fi opus” by Mojo.

This new album, three years in the making, was written as a calling card marking the start the next chapter of his musical life. Flying in the face of all perceived wisdom it resolutely proved that it is possible to deliver impactful dance music to a wide and appreciative audience at a time when the simple act of dancing in numbers is forbidden – a topic which Gaillard adressed in his own installation “Visitant” in 2021.