The 20th anniversary of the Palais de Tokyo

The Palais de Tokyo celebrates 20 years of contemporary creation and collectively imagines its future

The Palais de Tokyo has been making its mark on the Parisian, French and international art scene for 20 years.

A meeting place for contemporary art and a wide public, a sounding board for the major issues of the contemporary world and the concerns of artists, it has been bringing people’s imaginations together since 2002.

A resolutely living art center, the Palais de Tokyo asserts its permanent mutations and, throughout 2022, plunges into its future to better explore all its facets: artistic, ecological and committed, festive and supportive, without forgetting a renewed attention to its ghosts, to the building and to those who inhabit it.

In 2022, the Palais de Tokyo will reassert itself through a program of five major events to be followed throughout the year in parallel with its exhibition seasons.

In a subtle combination of retrospective and prospective, these five events are as many moments of life, sharing and creation for the Palais de Tokyo, which, at 20 years old, knows how to perpetually reinvent itself.


March 12, 2022
For one evening, the Palais de Tokyo invites artists and the public to take the opposite view of the expression “C’était mieux avant” (It used to be better), nostalgic of an idealized golden age, in order to imagine what the future of the institution could be.

June 2022
For its 20th anniversary, the Palais de Tokyo becomes “Palais vivant”, and displays its concrete commitments to a more sustainable culture on the occasion of a great collective moment bringing together, for the duration of a weekend, the public and partners of the art center, cultural actors, as well as philosophers and actors of the ecological transition.

A NEW FESTIVAL: Bodies in alliance
September 15 to 18, 2022
After two years of rethinking how to form a physical community, the Palais de Tokyo has imagined a new festival conceived as a moment of celebration, but also as an invitation to think together about new rituals.

the great disenvocation (provisional title)
Autumn 2022
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, and freely inspired by institutional psychotherapy — which thinks of “treating” institutions as much as people — artists, practitioners and researchers probe the art center, its building, its history, its identity, its traumas.

Late 2022
The opening of Hamo, the Palais de Tokyo’s space entirely dedicated to cultural mediation, education and inclusion through art in the manner of the North American care center, will mark the art center’s commitment to artistic and cultural practices for the publics in all their diversity (general public, schoolchildren, excluded or handicapped audiences, communities, socio-educational actors and relays, etc.).