Wally Fall

Filmmaker and video artist

Wally Fall is a Martinican-Senegalese filmmaker and video artist who grew up in Martinique. After learning the basics of video directing in evening classes in London, he began working on a variety of projects in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. From 2012, he worked on his own projects, including a documentary shot in Senegal and a short fiction film shot in Paris. In 2016, he co-founded with friends the Cinémawon collective whose objective is to improve the distribution of films from the Caribbean basin, Africa and other Afro-diasporic spaces that are mostly underrepresented on conventional distribution channels. Since 2017 he lives and works in Guadeloupe. Fouyé Zétwal is an experimental film released in 2020 that emerged from a collaboration with actress and director Anyès Noël.