Rodolphe Burger & Sonnenblume


Musician and founder of the group Kat Onoma, Rodolphe Burger has been developing a highly original catalog for over 30 years and has released more than 20 albums under his own name or in collaboration.

The group SONNENBLUME was formed at the Institut médico-social Les Tournesols in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, with Dominique PARAVATI, Dominique FRINDEL, Olivier BERGER and Jean-Noël GVOZDEN.

Since meeting in 2019, Rodolphe Burger and Sonnenblume have performed together on several occasions, including at the Futur Composé festival in Pantin and the C’est dans la Vallée festival in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. Their shared repertoire is based as much on revisiting pre-existing compositions as on new ones created together, with improvised texts, declaimed lists and poetic inventories.

A new album is planned for the near future.