Phoenix Atala


Phoenix Atala is a trans, transversal, transdisciplinary French Moroccan artist, invested in decolonial and queer practices, speculative and transformative futures. His work explores, chops down, wrongs up film, performance, and stand-up comedy techniques, the uses of speech, the genre of web series and so on. More often than not, and more and more so, Atala works collectively and collaboratively. 

Currently guest professor at Institut Kunst Gender Natur in Basel and in residency in the French art and research center Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers preparing Critical Failure, a Queer Sci-Fi reflective film-conversation. Critical Failure is all at once an anticipation movie, an uncompleted script about the representation of queer non-white communities, an editing in progress, an attempt to figure out a new method to make films, a set of ethical, aesthetical, political and practical questions, a sum of obstacles and revelations, or putting differently a story that describes what it is to realize that you’re different and that realizing it is what sets you free.