Photo credit : Antoine Aphesbero

Clément Raveu


Clément Raveu (1993, New Caledonia) is an independent curator based in Paris. He graduated from Pavillon Bosio (Monaco School of Fine Arts) and School of Fine Arts Nantes Métropole, parallel to which he studied the Sociology of Cultural Policies and Institutions from a critical perspective within the master’s degree in Civilisation, Culture and Society at Nantes University.

Between 2018 and 2019, he participated in the international campus “Dakar Présences du futur – Epistemological trouble” studio under the direction of Emmanuelle Chérel (CRENEAU) and El Hadji Malick Ndiaye, curator at Musée Théodore Monod of IFAN (Dakar).

He co-edited and coordinated with Guillaume Désanges and François Piron Contre-Vents (Countervailing winds), a book on the social history, identity and environmental struggles in French Brittany from the 1970s to the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (published by Paraguay Press, Paris).

He has worked alongside curators of Palais de Tokyo on various exhibition and publication projects; Sarah Maldoror: Tricontinental Cinema (2021) with Cédric Fauq and François Piron; Cyprien Gaillard, Humpty \ Dumpty (2022) with Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, director and curator of Lafayette Anticipations; Exposed (2023) with François Piron, an exhibition on the intersection between artistic practices and the HIV/ AIDS epidemic, adapted from Elisabeth Lebovici’s book Ce que le SIDA m’a fait (What AIDS Has Done to Me) and conceived with her complicity.

In addition, he is also working on research projects focusing on the work of French artist Philippe Thomas (1951-1995) and on the political and social history of New Caledonia from the 1980s to modern-day.