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Abigail Lucien, A song of Ascent, 2020

Tituba, who protects us?

From 17/10/2024 to 05/01/2025

“Tituba, qui pour nous protéger ?” is a group show which invites ten artists from France, Great Britain, and North America with Carribean and African diasporic trajectories to come together around a meditation on the relationships between grief, memory, migration and ancestrality. The exhibition reflects more specifically on the everyday role played by our lost loved ones, our memories, our myths, dreams and the invisible as spiritual protectors and imaginary friends. Bringing together diverse artistic practices including sculpture, film, photography, painting and installation, “Tituba, qui pour nous protéger ? “ presents black women narratives which play out on a scale both intimate and collective, transgenerational and historical, but also symbolic and material. The novel Moi, Tituba, sorcière noire de Salem (1986) by Maryse Condé serves as the departure point for the exhibition. In a poetic curatorial gesture, the eponymous character of Tituba is here invoked as a figure of protection, and the exhibition accordingly weaves together artistic and literary creation.


FROM 17/10/2024 TO 05/01/2025