Jonathan Jones, untitled (transcriptions of country) study, 2021 Historical prints, objects, embroideries by Shabnam Mukhi, Lida Heidari and Rabia Azizi Courtesy of the artist

Seminar "Indigeneity, hybridity, anthropophagy (II)" #1

The 08/12/2021 De 17:30 at 19:30

Jonathan Jones and Daria de Beauvais

The rise in visibility of Indigenous practices in international contemporary art is a major phenomenon in the history of art being written, with the risk, at times, of becoming a simple label. The terms “hybridity” and “anthropophagy” (in reference to the “Cannibalist Manifesto” of Oswald de Andrade) were thus attached to Indigeneity to avoid identity assignments and to question the invention of variable practices and identities, thwarting the categories inherited from colonialism and making it possible to rethink the relationship to nature, territory, humans and other than humans.

By giving the floor to researchers and artists, this seminar aims to shift the focus of institutional questions towards those of creative processes, from assigned identities to practices by which the individuals self-identify and invent their relationships to the world.

For this first meeting at the Palais de Tokyo, Daria de Beauvais, co-curator of the exhibition untitled (transcriptions of country), presents in a guided tour of this original project. This visit is followed by an online intervention from Sydney by Jonathan Jones, who explains the main lines of his practice as researcher and artist.

Co-conception Morgan Labar (Associate Professor, ARTS Department, ENS) and Daria de Beauvais (Senior Curator, Palais de Tokyo).
In partnership with the École Normale Supérieure (Paris).

As part of the exhibition