Rituel d'enfouissement par Tabita Rézaire, 2022 © Daniela Ometto

Earth bath ritual by Tabita Rezaire

The 16/04/2022 from 16:00 to 19:00

For “Reclaim the Earth”, Tabita Rezaire and Yussef Agbo-Ola have collaborated to create Nono: Soil Temple, a contemplative architecture designed to awaken ecological consciousness. Conceived as a spiritual entity, this sacred space invokes the healing power of soil, and calls on its ability to transform, nurture and release life. In this context, Tabita Rezaire proposes a ritual of earth burial:

For this full moon Amakaba invites you to receive an earth bath in the heart of Nono – temple of the soil.

This burial ritual is an ancestral practice, which nourishes our connection to the Earth, to its power, to its memories.

Settling into the ground.

Burying ourselves in the matrix of the world.

To be embraced by Mother Earth.

To be covered by the earth in order to become one with it.