Nils Alix-Tabeling, Madison Bycroft

On 23/11/2019 at 5pm


On Saturday 23rd November, Nils Alix-Tabeling and Madison Bycroft, two artists represented in the exhibition Future, Former, Fugitive , are inviting you to discover their performances, respectively: Passiflore Incarnée, Printemps été, Automne Hiver (Embodied Passionflower, Spring Summer, Autumn Winter) and Antihero.
Passiflore Incarnée, Printemps été, Automne Hiver
Nils Alix-Tabeling sees his performances as an ode to nature and a celebration of the cycles of rebirth emerging from putrescence. Personified and laden with symbolism, the four seasons that he stages allow for a co-existence between the marvellous, the strange and pagan iconography. Tinged with song, music and poetry, this joyful operetta derives its references as much from ancient culture as it does from British telefilms of the 1970s.
With performers Andrea Baglione, Alexis Gilot, Yuika Hokama, Louis Sé. Music by Torben Wessel and Alison Yip ans Camillo Grewe.
Makeup by Marcel Alcala and Simon.e Thiébaut
In this tumbling epic, with a hero diving into decadence, Madison Bycroft brings to life an artistic universe through a burlesque sardonic aesthetic, bringing in narrative codes and moral values conveyed by history. Her stagings, in which crisis is a compositional tool per se, shake up the hero who is then forced to create an extravagantly unhinged identity for himself.
With performers and musicians Flora Bonnet, Camille Brêteau, Nini Hu, Tilhenn Klapper, Boris Grzeszczak, Jonathan Sayer, Felipe Vasquez
Costumes by Silvia Romanelli

Nils Alix-Tabeling

Nils Alix-Tabeling was born in Paris in 1991. He lives and works between Paris and Brussels. His practice encapsulates sculpture, performance, writing and work using video and sound installations. The bodies described in his sculptural practice bear various research approaches onto the possible futures of humanity as a species, as well as the influence of ideologies coming from our own bodily experiences. This fluidity of forms brings to mind the permeability of our identities and the dissolution of the borders between the environment and ourselves. The sculptures are often activated by performances or films and, by becoming accessories or characters, they take on allegorical or eroticised voices and identities. His recent expositions have included Florilège at Jupiter Wood London, 100 Artistes dans la Ville in Montpellier, Somewhere in Between in Bozar Bruxelles, Hypersea, curated by Juliette Desorgues as part of the Monte Carlo Art Fair in Monaco, and Le Bétyle d’Ail, an operetta initially presented at Komplot Bruxelles then at the Kunstraum London. At the same time, Nils Alix-Tabeling has been developing a curatorial practice, the most recent example of which has been the exhibition Pastoral Love, at the Lucas Hirsch Gallery in Dusseldorf.

Avec les performeurs Andrea Baglione, Alexis Gilot, Yuika Hokama, Louis Sé
Musique par Torben Wessel avec Alison Yip et Camillo Grewe.

Maquillage par Marcel Alcala et Simon.e Thiébaut

Madison Bycroft

Madison Bycroft, born in 1987 in Adelaide/Kaurna Yarta (Australia), is an artist based in Marseille and Adelaide. She is a graduate of the MFA of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and cofounder of the platform ‘GHOST’.
Among her international projects, she presented her work in 2019 at the Future Generation Art Prize as well as at the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev. In 2018, she took part in the Rennes Biennale, the Beetsterzwag Triennale (the Netherlands), the Liveworks Performance Act Award in Trento (Italy), the Sharjah Biennale in Beirut (Lebanon) and she has exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Singapore, the CAC Brétigny and the Yellow Brick in Athens (Greece). Among Madison Bycroft’s exhibitions in Australia should be mentioned the Greenaway Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (Primavera 2014), the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne and the Australian Experimental Art Foundation. She has also notably been an artist in residence at Triangle France, the ISCP in New York, the 18th Street Art Center in Los Angeles and the Cité Internationale des Arts.

Avec les performeurs et musiciens Flora Bonnet, Camille Brêteau, Nini Hu, Tilhenn Klapper, Boris Grzeszczak, Jonathan Sayer, Felipe Vasquez