Crédit : Paul Fogiel

DJ Mix by Fallon Mayanja — aka SkySeas

The 02/02/2022 at 18:00

Fallon Mayanja, aka Skyseas, will open and end in music the Carte Blanche to the Kinshasa Yango II Biennale. On Wednesday 2 February, from 6 pm to 7 pm and then 9 pm to 10 pm, Fallon Mayanja invites you to a two-part mix titled “Soul Sampler ~ The Time Has Come”, that will spin the vinyl albums on display in the Library of Things We Forgot to Remember with her personal collection.

As an electronic composer, sound artist and performer, Fallon Mayanja disrupts the conventions of listening with the aim to cultivate alternatives of understanding and perception of oneself, of others, and environments. In immersive sonic works, activated through sound cosmologies, voices, beats and vibrations of multiple worlds, Fallon manifests the relationship between fictional existences and cultural experiences. It is through narratives that have survived chaos that the artist builds Afro-diasporic club landscapes.

Fallon Mayanja has created the mix “Soul Sampler ~ The Time Has Come” drawing from a collection of seductive beats and fierce basslines. This sinuous mosaic of organic sounds and club reminiscences oscillates between a pulsating mood and an introspective atmosphere. This two-part mix opens and extends the Oyo Ndoto Na Biso / This Is Our Dream session in a celebration of life anchored in present future.


The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember

The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember, presented for the first time in France, is a project by artist Kudzanai Chiurai. The extensive collection of archives, mostly sound, on view in this library constitutes the soundtrack of the struggles for civil rights and liberation movements in the global south. This space of hospitality, considered a liberated zone, regularly hosts DJ-sets and a series of sessions that intersect speech, poetry, performance and music, focusing on practices and imaginaries in resistance.


Image : © Paul Fogiel