Derniers Narcisses (Nuit 2) Mélissa Airaudi

On 22/11/2019, at 7pm
As part of the exhibition Future, Former, Fugitive, Mélissa Airaudi is presenting Derniers Narcisses (Nuit 2), on Friday 22nd November at 7pm.
Derniers Narcisses (Nuit 2) probes the new relationships of seduction, contemplation and self-representation generated by social media. The depiction of the female body is set alongside the myth of Narcissus, and more particularly the character of the nymph Echo.
Invisible while still being present, she dictates the narrative, in a live conversation with the artist. Characters coming straight from nightlife – a barman, a pole dance, a pusher…. –  as well as the audience thus come under the influence of the nymph’s suggestions.
In collaboration with Romain Dechenaud, Charlotte Déniel, Kevin Jean, Ariana Kah, Nadeen Mateky, Nadiah Nfuzion, Justin Pleutin, Schérazade, Alexis Sequera, Camille Soulat,  Studio Françoise and Arthur Tiar.
Assistant director: Ines Huchet