Tok-Tok episode 3

How to color the world?

“Say, Mom, how do we color the world?” With the approach of the big winter vacations, Petit Bateau and the Tok Tok workshops of the Palais de Tokyo offer you a creative answer to realize with your family! On the occasion of the Lasco Project, exhibitions where nearly sixty international street artists have been invited to carry out interventions on the very frame of the Palais de Tokyo, we decided to tell you a little more about street art. Hugo Vitrani, curator of this exhibition like no other, answers Tok’s questions about urban art: What are its different forms? And besides, what is urban art? In a second part of the video, discover how to make your little foams of real street artists by learning to prepare a paste of color that they can then use to fill the cracks, holes, irregularities of the spaces they have chosen and thus, color the world. As they wish!