Photo : Yoshihiro Inada

Tomoko Sauvage

Tomoko Sauvage is a Japanese musician and artist who is best known for her long-time experimentation on unique hybrid instrument combining water, ceramics, sub-aquatic amplification and electronics. Born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, Sauvage moved to Paris in 2003 after studying jazz piano in New York.

As part of C’était mieux avant, Tomoko Sauvage presents at the Palais de Tokyo a long performance in a scenography imagined for the occasion.

Over the past decade, Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR) has been developing her unique electro-acoustic instrument, waterbowls – combining water, hydrophones (underwater microphones) and porcelain and glass bowls that generate sculptural and fluid timbres.

Her musical experimentation is grounded in a live-performance-based practice that associates improvisation with an interaction with architecture. Sauvage’s work keeps a fragile balance between hazard and mastery.