Théa Bautista

Dancer and choreographer

Théa Bautista is a Franco-Mexican-American dancer and choreographer, and she is the founder of Althea Dance Company.

Her artistic work draws its essence from her international background and multicultural origins. Thea thus focuses her creation around the complexity of human connections, both on a personal and societal scale. Her attention is particularly acute on power dynamics, exchanges between individuals, decision-making processes, and the perception of reality within diverse contexts. The artistic exploration she leads primarily centers on the theme of identity, channeled through the expressive language of the body, which can convey emotions and self-awareness far beyond the limits of words.

As a choreographer and company director, her collaborations extend to partnerships with visual artists, notably with artist Chloe Bensahel, with PAN Publications for an exhibition at the Cité des Arts in Paris, as well as involvement with the MASI collective.

To date, Thea is working on various international projects that will be presented in France, the United States, and Mexico.