Suzanne Husky


Born 1975 in Bazas (France)

Trained by the Earth, then in landscape design and agro-ecology, Suzanne Husky develops an artistic practice which observes the forms of domination over the living and their interconnections, but is also a force for proposals. Can we “work with the Earth” rather than fight against it? Can we amplify our environments, as the beaver people teach us? Her works can take the form of an aggraded (regenerated) soil, a forest garden, a search for the knowledges of the Earth present in tales or a tapestry on birds and pedogenesis (all the processes which, in interaction with each other, lead to the formation, transformation or differentiation of soils). In 2016, she created with Stéphanie Sagot Le Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture [The New Ministry of Agriculture], a fictional institution that aims to unmask the absurdities of French agricultural policies and provides concrete solutions to get out of an extractive model of society.

In 2021, Suzanne Husky presents her work at the Villa Medici Film Festival in Rome, the Timișoara Biennial, the Transpalette in Bourges, the Espace Voltaire in Paris and the IAC Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes. She has also exhibited at Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA in Bordeaux (2020), Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2020), 16th Istanbul Biennial (2019), San Francisco International Airport (2017), De Young Museum (2010), Bay Area Now 5 Triennial at YBCA San Francisco (2008), among others. She participates in the 16th Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art (2022).

Suzanne Husky is represented by the Alain Gutharc gallery (Paris).