Ni étrange ni étranger, detail, 2023, Courtesy of the artist

Signe Frederiksen





In 2018, whilst working at a school in Brussels as an educational support assistant for children with special needs (autism and attention or behavioral disorders), artist Signe Frederiksen (b. 1987, Denmark, lives in Brussels) began to draw when she came home from work. This exercise at first represented a form of emotional relief, which she did not consider as part of her artistic practice – elsewhere mainly centered on writing and directing. Transcriptions of personal feelings that channel a certain violence, these drawings suggest the forms of control at work in the school environment, as well as in domestic and social spaces. Together with Agathe Boulanger and Jules Lagrange, Signe Frederiksen co-authored the book Ce que Laurence Rassel nous fait faire, a dialogue with Belgian curator Laurence Rassel which explores the possible applications of institutional psychotherapy in contemporary art organizations.