Crédit photo : Diego Argote

Seba Calfuqueo


Born 1991 in Santiago (Chili/Wallmapu), where they live and work.

Seba Calfuqueo are from Mapuche origin. Their work appeals to their inheritance to propose a critical reflection on the social, cultural, and political status of the Mapuche subject in the contemporary Chilean society as well as in Latin America. It includes installations, ceramics, performance, and video art to explore the cultural similarities and differences but also the stereotypes produced from the cross between indigenous and western ways of thinking.Their research has also the purpose of making visible feminist and sexual dissidence issues. Seba Calfuqueo are part of the Mapuche collective Rangiñtulewfü, which edits YeneRevista, online magazine of art, thought and writing in Wallmapu and AbyaYala language.

The short video Kowkülen (Liquid Being) (2020) goes through a bodily, personal and poetic journey regarding the water, wetlands, lakes, oceans, rivers and springs. It addresses the concepts of body, binarism, gender, sexuality, the historical relationship between water and life, as well as their potential as a living space, necessary to the relationship of all territories.

Seba Calfuqueo is represented by the gallery Patricia Ready (Santiago).