Crédit photo: Bettina Pittaluga

Sarra Ryma

Filmmaker and activist

Sarra Ryma is a queer Algerian filmmaker and activist based in Paris. Her work is dedicated to making visible what we can’t see and questioning what we do see.

Passionate about the themes of intersectionality, migration, love, vulnerability, solitude, restlessness of youth, and Arab melancholy, her visual landscapes are co- lorful, raw, tender, and subversive.

Sarra is drawn to the dichotomy between the private and the public body, particularly the representation of marginalized or invisible bodies, in both film and the queer community.

During her brief time in New York in 2018, she participated the queer art party “Ladies Life Draw” (a womxn life drawing party and community event for cis and trans women, and non-binary people). Upon returning to Paris, she founded a sister event, “Khöl”, in 2019, an art party including live drawing, book readings, music and film screenings.