©Mohamed Bourouissa

Rayane Mcirdi

Video maker

Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and the School of Fine Arts of Angers, Rayane Mci is a video maker. He lives and works in Asnières-sur-Seine.

Rayane Mcirdi’s films are based on collected stories, memories and anecdotes with his relatives. He collects, borrowing certain gestures from the ethnographer, intimate words, always located (in Asnières-sur-Seine and Gennevilliers), before transmitting them on video. Without ever disguising them, he then puts them in scene, choosing their cinematographic framework, to draw the contours of a vast human mosaic that he proposes to discover by fragments. His work was recently the subject of a solo exhibitions, « Le début de la fin » at galerie Anne Barrault in Paris in 2022, « Le Croissant de Feu, À Fatima Mahli » at the galerie Edouard-Manet in Gennevilliers in 2021, and several group exhibitions including « À fleur de peau » at the Cac Passerelle in Brest in 2022.

Rayane Mcirdi is represented by the gallery Anne Barrault in Paris.