Images during YBYTU residency (São Paulo).

Rafael RG


Rafael RG (1986 – Brazil) lives and works between Guarulhos and Recife. Rafael RG is a visual artist and writer. His practice focuses on sexual and affective relationships and their political implications, as well as questions of racial identity. Working with institutional and personal archives, he presents his research through workshops, installations, performative texts, publications and objects. The materials he works with are often closely associated with narratives that involve him or an alter ego in some way, and the resulting projects are close to or resemble fiction.
His residencies include Zachęta – National Gallery of Art – Warsaw/Poland (2013), La bourse Iberê Camargo for a residency at Künstlerhaus Bremen / Germany (2014), The Pampulha grant for a residency at the Pampulha Art Museum – Belo Horizonte / Brazil (2015-2016) SESC Frestas Triennial of Arts – Sorocaba / Brazil (2017) Gasworks London / UK (2018) / Black Rock Senegal / Dakar (2019), Triangle Ásterides / Marseille (2020) and the 55 Project / Miami (2022).