Alexia de Montalembert, Véronique Pieyre de Mandiargues, Dunia al Dahan, Pauline de Laboulaye, Axel Thoinon. Photo : Olivier Favier

Portes ouvertes sur l'art


Founded in 2017, Portes ouvertes sur l’art promotes artists in exile in France, in a spirit of openness and research. Initially, a group of French and Syrian art professionals pooled their skills and networks to promote Syrian artists in Paris. Since then, the association has broadened its scope to include artists from other cultural and political backgrounds.

The aim is to publicise the work of artists in collaboration with the art world. Curators are invited to meet the artists and organise exhibitions and events. The association’s initiatives are the result of a collective effort involving artists, curators and partners. The members of the association are volunteers, and projects evolve according to needs and opportunities, in a spirit of respect and high standards.

The main exhibitions include: Quand l’inconcevable prend forme (curated by Oksana Karpovets, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2023); screening programme (curated by Stéphanie Cottin, Centre Pompidou, Cité Internationale des Arts and Palais de Tokyo, 2022); Répare-Reprise (curated by Nora Philippe, Cité Internationale des Arts, 2021); Déluge, départs ; mythes, chants et autres histoires (curated by Elena Sorokina, Galerie Premier Regard, 2019); Où est la maison de mon ami (curated by Paula Aisemberg, Véronique Bouruet and Dunia al Dahan, Maison des Arts de Malakoff, 2019).