Pablo Tomek

Pablo Tomek was born in 1988 in Paris. Originating in graffiti, which he practises experimentally and illegally with his group PAL. In the studio, the artist has taken his practice further: he now examines the bonds between the heritage of graffiti and abstract expressionistic painting, while also misappropriating the techniques and aesthetics of manual work (remixing whiting, the creation of sculptures with unmade breezeblocks and mortar in shaded colours, misappropriation of the fluorescent marks made by architects, and objects abandoned in the street) so as to extract from them a new, often incomplete language, crossing over the margins between painting and urban renovation, on a background of institutionalisation and gentrification.

Pablo Tomek’s work has been presented at several solo and group shows: at the galerie du jour agnès b. in Paris (“Etat des lieux”, 2013), the Frac Nord – Pas de Calais (“Toy”, 2014), in an illegally occupied industrial wasteland (“Expressiv Tag Painting”, Pantin, 2015), at the HLM in Marseille (“Honte”, 2015), the Bateau Lavoir (“Après Coup”, 2015), and the Mini Galerie in Amsterdam (“Worker Games”, 2016). His first monography is published by Classic Paris in January 2017.