Onejoon Che (KOR)

Born in 1979 in South Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.
During his military service, Onejoon Che was the official photographer for the Police in Seoul, which allowed him to explore parts of the city the public are prohibited from entering. Military bases, crime scenes and expanses of derelict land became the subjects of his practice. In 2005 he was awarded a degree in philosophy and media by Kaywon School of Art and Design, and his images are on show in several art centers and galleries in Korea, Madrid and Seattle. His work is supported by the Hermès Corporate Foundation (Seoul) and Vogue (KOR).
His photographs, installations and films document abandoned urban sites where the artist’s persona wanders in a melancholy frame of mind; or else places of intense activity where workers have to come to terms with machines, fashionistas with the luxury industry, etc.