Mouhawalat © Triangle – Astérides

Mouhawalat Collective

Artistic collective and multidisciplinary transmission platform

Mouhawalat [] is an artist collective that was founded in Morocco in 2020 by four young graduates of the École des Beaux-arts de Tetouan (Morocco) and which today is made up of two members: Diyae Bourhim and Ahmad Karmouni.

The Mouhawalat collective is invited to live and work in the Friche du Palais de Tokyo from March 12 to June 12, 2024 to continue the “Morshed” project, which aims to collect intergenerational transmission tools for young artists.

Through discursive, editorial and artistic projects, the collective seeks alternative paths for learning and for circulation processes in order to better encourage transmission and sharing. Its projects aim to help art workers bring together mutual care and life experience, through the organization of workshops, collective and collaborative exhibitions, discussions and artist interviews. Mouhawalat is gradually shaping its identity through ongoing creative endeavors and encounters, exploring and questioning the current state of the emerging Moroccan scene.

Following several experiences in Europe between 2022 and 2024–in Berlin, Brussels and Marseille–the collective continues its work at Palais de Tokyo with Mouhawala 02: Morshed, a project begun at Triangle-Astérides in Marseille in 2023.

Morshed is a curatorial, discursive and collaborative project which addresses a younger generation of artists. It was initially imagined as a publication that would gather testimonies and contributions from numerous art workers around a central question: Comment nous essayons ? How Do We Try? ؟كيفاش كنحاولو  Through this project, the collective aims to assemble and make available tools for the continuation of this discussion around perception, working conditions, intergenerational rifts, collective thinking, modes of survival, and above all, tools for transmission