Marina Xenofontos


Marina Xenofontos was born in 1988 in Limassol, Cyprus, she works between Athens, Greece and Paris. She is as sculptor working through installation, painting, photography and video, and was one of the three members of the collective and artist-run space Neoterismoi Toumazou. Recent solo shows include, I heard that there are many things in life that we can go beyond, at La Plage (2022), But we’ve met before, at Hot Wheels Athens (2020/21), I Don’t Sleep, I Dream, at The  Island Club (2021). Selected group shows include: Phenomenon Biennale 4 (2022), Leghaus Leihaus, at Scheusal (2022), Work and Leisure, at Sala Impasti (2022), The Terrorizers, at Ermes Ermes(2021), I Got Up, at gb agency (2021), and Anti-Structure, at Deste Foundation (2021). She has recently awarded the emerging Artist Prize by Camden art center for her presentation at frieze London 2022 with Hot Wheels Athens.