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Jules Lagrange


Jules Lagrange (b. 1989, Besançon, lives and works in Brussels) is the co-author, along with Agathe Boulanger and Signe Frederiksen, of the book Ce que Laurence Rassel nous fait faire (Editions Paraguay, 2020), a dialogue with Belgian curator Laurence Rassel which explores the possible applications of institutional psychotherapy in contemporary art organizations. This reflection on care has shaped his filmmaking practice as well as his sculptural practice, through which he explores questions of mourning and memory. Here, he presents several wooden sculptures in the form of handcrafted chests and boxes containing the personal effects of his brother, who committed suicide in 2014. Devised as personal funeral rituals, these works also serve as sociological and anthropological reflections on peripheral communities in France and on the rural world, as well as on adolescent aspirations and melancholy.