Crédit photo : Rachel See

Judy Watson


Born 1959 in Mundubbera (Australia), lives and works in Brisbane (Australia).

Closely tied to Aboriginal conceptions of the world, Judy Watson’s works pursue and merge old and new references, to Australia’s or her Indigenous ancestors’ history. Heir to a certain past in the Waanyi territory and peoples, her practice is committed, timeless, and almost holistic. Her creative process leaves room for the accidental and the random, and for the effects of time, environment, and natural material on her work in a context of deep climate change. The artist’s method evolves by working from site and memory, revealing Indigenous histories, following lines of emotional and physical topography.

Judy Watson presents a set of new and overlaid paintings relating to water, its memory and its connection to people and place. This series is inspired by the history of the Seine River (that runs along the Palais de Tokyo), its disappeared or still existing islands, as well as by various creeks and rivers located in Queensland (Australia) where the artist has spent some time and where she has gleaned the constituent elements of the works. The artist shows that the here and the there can have a great proximity.

Judy Watson is represented by the galleries Milani (Brisbane) and Tolarno (Melbourne).