JR was born in 1983 near Paris, he lives and works between Paris (France) and New York (USA). In 2001, the artist found a camera in the metro and started documenting his nocturnal wanderings in the metro or across the roofs of Paris, before sticking them up on the city’s walls, which was the genesis of a long-term project of monumental photographs, always in black and white, which he displays in public spaces so as to reveal the faces and testimonies of “the world’s invisible people”, from French suburbs to Turkey, Times Square to the Pantheon, without forgetting the ghettos of Kenya or the favelas of Brazil. He was awarded the TED Prize in 2011 after initiating his participatory photo project “Inside Out”, which he presented at Palais de Tokyo in 2013. In 2016, he took part along with OS GEMEOS in the 6th edition of Palais de Tokyo’s urban art programme, the “Lasco Project”.