Crédit photo: Joy Episalla

Joy Episalla


Joy Episalla is an artist who embraces a personal archaeology that pushes photography and video into the territory of sculpture, bearing witness to time and history through the de/construction of things and places. Her series of foldtograms develops a process of camera-less photography, of papers exposed to light, then submerged in chemical baths in what Episalla calls “the wrong order”, against the standard chronology of the darkroom process. The invocative entanglement of time and materials recalls lightnings, tributaries, parched earth, in an association with flesh, synapses and cellular mapping. Her road movie As long as there’s you, As long as there’s me (2023), born out of observation of the everyday life in social space, the natural world and the built environment, attests to the power of the gaze and attentive listening, and belonging. Joy Episalla is a member of fierce pussy.