Jimmy Beauquesne


Jimmy Beauquesne (1991, France) is a graduate of ENSAAMA in Paris and the École supérieure d’art de Clermont Métropole (DNSEP, 2017). He lives and works in Ivry-Sur-Seine, where his drawing and installation practice hybridizes intimate spaces, mass culture, ornamentation and science fiction.

His work has been included in group exhibitions at : Palais de Tokyo, Paris (Do Disturb, 2019); Magasins Généraux, Pantin (2019); MAMC, Saint-Etienne (Biennale Art Press, 2020); La Box, Bourges (2020); Ygrec – Ensapc, Aubervilliers (2020); Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne (2022)… He has been nominated for the Prix Dauphine (2019) and the Prix Sciences Po (2020).

Jimmy Beauquesne’s installation and drawing work combines intimate spaces, objects of mass culture, the motif of ornamentation and the register of science fiction. Jimmy Beauquesne’s drawings seem to belong to a form of magic realism, where characters caught up in reality and its difficulties rub shoulders with strange visual manifestations that we don’t know whether they are mystical, technological or illusory. In his work, surfaces (curtain, wallpaper, screen) become supports on which a scenic dramaturgy unfolds: we encounter juvenile subjects, animals, plant and floral motifs and, finally, popular props. By playing with the opacity and transparency of the materials, reinforced by variations in line density and color, Jimmy Beauquesne’s works produce a disturbing effect on the viewer who, beyond expressing the desire of the subjects represented, becomes in turn a desirous voyeur.