Huma Bhabha. Crédit photo : Elyse Benenson

Huma Bhabha


Born 1962 in Karachi (Pakistan), lives and works in Poughkeepsie (USA).

Matter and the hand: two core elements of Huma Bhabha’s practice. The former emanates a force – a power – shaped and instilled by the latter. This hand accumulates materials such as polystyrene, cork, bronze, wood and clay, and brings them together in a solid armature that the artist works and reworks until all the possible combinations have been tried and the final form arrived at. These polysemic works are shot through with references drawn from Huma Bhabha’s hometown, as well as from modern art, archaic Greek sculpture, Buddhist iconography, science fiction and horror movies.

With The Past is a Foreign Country (2019), Receiver (2019) and God of Some Things (2011), Huma Bhabha rethinks the traditional forms of figurative sculpture. She depicts anthropomorphic characters whose gritty appearance can sometimes seem altered or unfinished, and whose intensity is reinforced by their monumental scale. The three sculptures, that look at us as much as they are looked at, are gathered like totems or lookouts and guide the visitors.