Hugo L’ahelec

Born in 1989, and a graduate of the École Boulle and then ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Hugo L’ahelec trained first in the applied arts. This artist’s current approach is rooted in notions theorised in the human sciences, art history and performance studies. He explores the strategic and visual routes that form our relationship with the transcendent and the sacred. Hugo L’ahelec focuses above all on notions of ritual and show, attempting to show up, in both form and content, analogies between them. His method could bring to mind that of a film director, grasping a scene in its relationship at once with time and space; the works are linked together and placed like clues, characters, or a pubic environment. For this reason, he writes down his artworks’ roles before giving them form, “to load them fully” as it puts it, but also to make them exist together.