Harilay Rabenjamina


Harilay Rabenjamain’s work takes the form of films, performances, installations, sculptures and musical compositions. From stagings that present characters whose registers of appearance and expression remain transitory, undecided and problematic. His work build stories that question the need to be audible and visible, how much this costs, and the tension produced by the spectacular situation that results from it, from the emancipatory character of the show, to the  commodification of emotions. This work has notably been presented at Auto Italia  (London), Goswell Road (Paris), Centrale Fies (Pro, Italy), Théâtre Arsenic_ Les Urbaines (Lausanne), Forum des images (Paris), Den Frie Udstillingsbygnin(Copenhagen), Lafayette Anticipations (Paris), Rencontres de la photographie (Arles), la Maison populaire (Montreuil), PEACH (Rotterdam), Treize (Paris), and at the CAPC museum of contemporary art in Bordeaux as part of the residency Les Furtifs.