George Henry Longly

George Henry Longly (born in 1978, lives in London) is a British multidisciplinary artist. Drawing from museology, anthropology, pop music, consumerism and current affairs, Longly’s projects set out to locate a sense of ‘now’ in relation to projected pasts and futures. Display systems, viewing structures, frameworks for looking and the role that these mechanisms play in building the art experience are at the forefront of his research.

Recent solo shows include “We All Love Your Life” (Red Bull Studios, New York, 2016); “The Smile of a Snake” (Galerie Valentin, Paris, 2016). Group shows include “Prediction” (Mendes Wood, São Paulo, 2016); “The boys, the Girls and the political” (Lisson Gallery, London, 2015). George Henry Longly is currently working on a publication with Red Bull Arts NY and CURA.

He is represented by the Galerie Valentin (Paris) and Koppe Astner (Glasgow).