Crédit image: Sarra Ryma

Etats de Corps


Etats de Corps is a very very collective artwork.
And intimate
And political 

Etats de corps is a space of reflection and curation around diffent bodies. A mobile territory of creation and experimentation where we can transcend the injunctions to normativity.
A place to highlight and help us understand, deconstruct, accept and heal.
An expression of the love we have for ourselves, for each other and for others.
To bodies in exile, bodies on the edges, marked bodies,
bodies with diasporic identities, those in anger and those liberated.
Bodies in healing, in bloom.
The representation of a body in the making.

Co-founded by Sarra Ryma (artist, director, curator) and Laure Orset Prelet (creative director, stylist).
On this project is joined by Yelena Moskovich (Artist, writer), Ines Cherifi (Visual Artist, Musician), Marine Armandin (Set Designer, Scénographe).