Emmanuel Lagarrigue

A sculptor, sound artist, video-maker, choreographer and director, Emmanuel Lagarrigue stands up for his transdisciplinary drive. This is a total approach which has, for a good ten years, allowed him to develop his work based around the themes of language, translation, memory, experience and perception. In particular, his work examines the processes of individual construction, as much in the relationships that they have with external elements (the figure of the Other, cultural and political history and constructions) as in the limitations of their transmission and sharing. The exploration of language is doubtlessly the main marker of Emmanuel Lagarrigue’s work. Through his use of writing, speech, but also the physical impact that he gives to his sculptures, he develops a hypertextual universe in which the processes of transformation, translation and transcoding allude to the diffracted construction of identities as they are now experienced in the modern era.