Azzedine Saleck

Artist, poet

Azzedine Saleck is a poet and an artist currently living between Paris and Nouakchott. Of Mauritanian and American descent, raised in Mauritania and France, Azzedine Saleck captures the complexity of fragmented cultural influences at the intersection between language and form. His practice involves language-based sculptures, and the design of spaces that create intimacy and affective responses. Dislocating references, Saleck’s recreation of fictional spaces and habitat refer to and induce ritualistic behavior. These resulting situations capture and trigger transformational moments of awareness. They act as testimonies of moments of subjective and collective histories. Saleck has exhibited at the Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris, and the Confort Moderne, Poitiers, Southard Reid gallery in London, and the artist run space Treize in Paris, Villa Arson in Nice and Centre Pompidou in Paris. His work is published in Talismans, The desert between us is only Sand, Gulbenkian Foundation, 2018, Year, 2014, Alter Zombie, 2015