Anthea Hamilton (UK)

Born in 1978 in London. Lives and works in London.
A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Anthea Hamilton has exhibited in numerous European galleries and art centers, specifically the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Britain, the Kunstverein Freiburg, the Parkhaus in Düsseldorf, and La Salle de Bains in Lyon.
The world of Anthea Hamilton is a relaxed mixture of kitsch and the sublime, where the paths of British and American pop culture and references to the history of art cross. The artist appropriates images which she resizes, cuts and assembles to create installations and sculptures close to stage design and film and theater sets. Figurines, silhouettes, macro-photographs and mannequins are plunged into a sensitive, amazing, colored atmosphere. Thanks to the skillful juxtaposition of objects, the works of Anthea Hamilton, sets or performative environments, play with the meaning of contingency and the effect of surprise.